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Not a show "chotsky" (an inconsequential value) giveaway, ShowCart™ replaces stationary conventional show billboard advertising with hundreds of mobile, 3D billboards! Smartly engineered with wheels and a built-in handle, it supplies the convenience to collect and haul show stuff. In the process, ShowCart™ becomes your client’s branding vehicle. Five large panels make their brand or message visible from every angle.

Help your clients. . .
• Generate booth traffic.
• Obtain good quality leads.
• Stand out from the competition.
• Be eye-catching on the floor and in the aisles.
• Employ "Hundreds" of mobile billboards - not just "One" stationary show billboard/banner.
• Benefit from hundreds of attendee "impressions" of the company's brand.
• Extend advertising billboard presence outside of the Show Hall area.
• Provide high visibility signage both on the show floor and around the entire venue.
• Dominate other vendors by outcompeting their visibility with hundreds of show "signs".
• Be remembered long after the show!



  Phone: 828.404.3104 ShowCart by Omni Group LLC, 1140 Tate Boulevard SE, Hickory, NC 28602